Water quality scam alert

June 8, 2017 at 4:20 pm

The City of Mesa has been notified that a private company representing themselves as City of Mesa Water Resources employees has been canvassing neighborhoods attempting to gain access to homes to test the water quality. These individuals are not City of Mesa employees. City of Mesa Water Resources staff will never request to enter your home to collect samples.

If someone comes to your home claiming to be from City of Mesa Water Resources, please call (480) 644-4444 to verify the person's identity. City of Mesa Water Resources employees always drive a City vehicle with the City logo, wear a uniform with their name and City logo, and carry an identification badge.

If you are suspicious about someone attempting to gain access to your home, report the incident to the Mesa Police Department at (480) 644-2211.

For information about your water quality, the new Water Quality Consumer Confidence Report can be found online at www.mesaaz.gov/ccr. For hard copies of the report or to communicate with a water quality professional, please contact (480) 644-6461 or water.quality@mesaaz.gov.

Contact: Kathy Macdonald, Water Resources, (480) 644-4364, Kathy.macdonald@mesaaz.gov