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Let's talk turkey! Recycle your fryer oil for free.

November 20, 2017 at 12:00 am

Are you deep frying a turkey this Thanksgiving? Don't pour all that fryer oil down the drain - recycle it for FREE instead! Oil and grease rinsed down the drain can congeal and block pipes, causing sewer back-ups into your home or overflow into the street. That's the last thing you want to worry about on Thanksgiving Day.

The City of Mesa Water Resources Department has joined forces with the Mesa Fire and Medical Department and Bakers Commodities, Inc. to offer cooking oil disposal and recycling. Cooking oil recycling collection barrels are in place year-round at various City of Mesa facilities. Simply stop by any of the following locations and pour your used fryer oil into the barrel marked specifically for cooking/fryer oil:

Fire Station 204 at 1426 S. Extension Rd. Fire Station 212 at 2430 S. Ellsworth Rd. Fire Station 214 at 5950 E. Virginia St. Mesa Surplus Store (east parking lot), 7041 E. Adobe Rd.

At no cost to the City of Mesa, Bakers Commodities, Inc. recycles used cooking oil and grease into products that can be used to feed livestock, power vehicles, and act as a base for everyday items.

For more information, visit www.mesaaz.gov/water or contact City of Mesa Water Resources Industrial Pretreatment Supervisor David Gonzales at (480) 644-2484 or david.gonzales@mesaaz.gov.

Baker Commodities, Inc. provides rendering and grease removal services. Their manufacturing facilities help to alleviate over-burdened landfills by recycling millions of pounds of animal by-products and used cooking oil that would otherwise be disposed of as waste.

Contact: Kathy Macdonald, Water Resources

(480) 644-4364