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Mesa breaks ground for new household hazardous waste facility

November 30, 2017 at 11:07 am

The City of Mesa officially broke ground today on the construction of its new Household Hazardous Waste Facility. Once completed in Fall 2018, Mesa solid waste residential customers will have year-round access to dispose of their household hazardous waste material such as paint, automotive fluids, propane tanks and other hazardous chemicals. The 7,000-sq. ft. facility, to be constructed at 2412 N. Center St., will represent and reflect several of the City's sustainability goals.

Protect the community
Encourage proper disposal of harmful household materials by providing convenient weekly drop-off hours
Provide a Swap Shop where residents can pick up household materials that were dropped off but are still usable such as cleansers, propane and paint
Offer education about alternative household materials that are better for the environment

Use building features to help preserve natural resources
EPA's ENERGY STAR(R) best practices will be incorporated into the building design, including use of natural light, daylight sensors and high-performance HVAC equipment
Renewable energy from solar panels will be used to offset energy use
EPA's WaterSense(R) fixtures will be used throughout the facility to reduce water consumption

Utilize practices to provide environmental benefits
Feature native and desert-adapted plants that will attract wildlife, reduce the urban heat island effect and beautify a former landfill
Use low impact development strategies that will collect rainwater to supplement landscape irrigation and improve water quality
Work with local companies to bulk materials, like oil, that can be recycled and reused

"We are very excited to begin construction of this new permanent facility which will further strengthen Mesa's commitment to be a good steward of the environment. The facility will offer a much more convenient option for Mesa residential customers to dispose of items which should not be placed in their trash or recycle containers. This project could not be possible without the support of our residents and the continued support of our City Council," stated Environmental Management & Sustainability Director Scott Bouchie.

Currently, the City of Mesa hosts four household hazardous waste collection events per year, and in 2016, collected more than 62,500 gallons of household hazardous waste material. The next drop-off event will take place from 8 a.m.-noon on Saturday, Dec. 9 at the Center Street Facility, 2412 N. Center St.

Construction costs for the $3.9 million project will be funded by the Environmental Compliance Fund and the Solid Waste Bond Fund.

For more information about the City of Mesa's household hazardous waste collection program, visit mesarecycles.org.

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