Mesa Public Library offers custom reading recommendations for gifting

December 4, 2018 at 1:36 pm

Give your special someone an official, librarian-approved and personalized list of reading recommendations. Provide Mesa Public Library with a little inspiration - the recipient's favorite books, movies or podcasts; a fun shared memory; their Instagram handle, etc. - and they'll create a print or email-ready giftable list.

Here are examples of lists created before by Mesa Public Library staff:

Books for a little girl who loved picture books of gingerbread (and it wasn't even Christmas season)
Books for the friend you call when you can't take another second of the family gathering
Books for the sibling experiencing a quarter life crisis
Books for the saltiest person you know
Books for your super fun and outgoing aunt
Books for the person who thinks math is fun
Books for squirrel lovers

You will need to make your request by Dec. 19 to have the list in time for Christmas. Requests can be made at

Contact: Kevin Christopher
Tel. 480-644-4699