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Mesa partners with ASURE to provide security services at Arizona Laboratories for Security & Defense Research

July 1, 2020 at 4:04 pm

Today, the City of Mesa announced it is partnering with ASURE, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) subsidiary organization of ASU Enterprise Partners, to provide security services and workforce development opportunities at Arizona Laboratories for Security & Defense Research (AZLabs).

AZLabs is a 6.5-acre secure campus featuring 72,000 square feet of leasable space designed to host companies in need of office space, laboratories and closed areas for research and development, engineering, fabrication, cybersecurity and other sensitive projects. This facility is owned and operated by the City of Mesa. AZLabs is engineered to U.S. Government security standards (ICD 705) and is uniquely suited for companies with security requirements for contract performance and offers flexible leasing options.

"We are pleased to be working with ASURE at AZLabs," City of Mesa Mayor John Giles said. "This new partnership creates opportunities for leveraging industry, government, and academia to advance Arizona's competitiveness in government defense contracting and workforce readiness."

"I have been a long-time champion of AZLabs and the opportunities that having a secure compartmentalized facility in Mesa brings to the industry and defense arena," District 6 Councilmember Kevin Thompson said. "Partnering with ASURE will help us better market and realize the full potential of AZLabs, and merge defense and security with government and academia for a win-win solution."

ASURE will provide 24/7 security services, a pipeline of talent for industry and government, business development opportunities and dual-use venture opportunities.

"We are excited to use our security sector expertise and affiliation with ASU to serve the City of Mesa, AZLabs and its tenants," David Thomas, ASURE chief executive officer, said. "This is a great opportunity to collaborate among industry, government and academia to rapidly solve challenges for the safety and security sector."

ASURE brings a variety of resources and benefits to AZLabs including linking partners to ASU through a robust pool of entry points to feed the innovation engine, including classified capstones and Department of Defense-University partner research and development programs. ASURE has significant expertise related to government contracting, program management, technology development and fielding innovative solutions.

To learn more about AZLabs please contact Kelley Keffer, Project Manager for the City of Mesa at Kelley.Keffer@mesaaz.gov or by calling (480) 644-6958.

Contact: Kim Lofgreen
Office of Economic Development