City of Mesa announces Strategic Plan for Addressing Homelessness

March 24, 2021 at 12:45 pm

The City of Mesa today released its Strategic Plan for Addressing Homelessness, to help Mesa-based homeless recover and transition to stable housing during and after the COVID19 pandemic. Through the investment of federal funding, including funds from the CARES Act, Mesa will focus on supportive infrastructure and systematic steps, referred to as the Housing Path to Recovery. Using a data-driven process and collaborative community partnerships within the region, Mesas plan endeavors to keep homelessness rare, brief and non-reoccurring.

"Mesa is a compassionate community, and this plan provides a balanced approach to support those most in need while also working toward community safety in public spaces, like our parks and libraries,"said Mesa Mayor John Giles. "This is a strong plan for Mesa."

"This plan includes the Citys Off the Streets program, which has successfully graduated 356 participants to longer-term housing since May 2020," said Councilmember Mark Freeman. "Im proud of this work by several city departments, including public safety."

"Mesas Strategic Plan for Addressing Homelessness is clear, comprehensive and adaptable," said Vice Mayor Jen Duff. "This will be a tremendous tool for Mesa residents and to City Council as we continue to address the growing needs for those experiencing homelessness."

Mesas Strategic Plan to Address Homelessness is available in its entirety on the City of Mesas website at:

Mayors Office
Contact: Casey Blake
Tel. (480) 644-3662