Water Agencies Announce Historic Partnership

May 3, 2022 at 1:03 pm

Today, in Las Vegas, Nevada, water agencies across Arizona, California, and Nevada, along with the Department of the Interior announced a historic effort to invest $200 million in conservation efforts to bolster the Colorado River's Lake Mead, under the 500+ plan.

Mesa is participating in this effort with an initial contribution of 1,200 acre feet of water to help keep the Colorado River's largest reservoir, Lake Mead, from dropping to critically low levels. The Bureau of Reclamation, Arizona Department of Water Resources, Central Arizona Project, The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, and Southern Nevada Water Authority issued a joint press release this afternoon with additional details about the announcement: https://knowyourwaternews.com/water-agencies-announce-partnership-to-invest-200-million-in-conservation-efforts-to-bolster-colorado-rivers-lake-mead-under-500-plan/

You can also learn more about Mesa's Water Stewardship Strategy online: www.mesaaz.gov/water