Hazardous chemicals responsible for recent garbage truck fires

April 26, 2022 at 1:00 pm

There has been a recent uptick in garbage truck related incidents over the last 60 days caused by the placement of household hazardous materials in trash and recycle containers. The first incident involved the placement of muriatic pool acid bottles in a load of trash. Hazardous fumes were released, and staff had to seek immediate medical attention. In a second incident, pool and paint chemicals ignited a garbage truck fire. A second garbage truck fire was caused by rechargeable lithium batteries placed in a recycle barrel. A third garbage truck caught on fire on May 2 due to aerosol cans. Most recently, 2 additional garbage trucks caught on fire a few hours apart on May 11.

Mesa residents are asked to keep hazardous materials out of their trash and recycle containers. The City of Mesa operates a Household Hazardous Materials Facility and encourages Mesa residents to bring their materials to this facility for safe disposal. There is no additional cost to Mesa residents to use this facility. Mesa businesses should contact a private hazardous waste disposal company for available options.

Contact: Mariano Reyes
(480) 644-5005