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Mesa Residents Set Path to Become a Climate Ready Community

July 5, 2022 at 7:54 pm

A year after adopting its Mesa Climate Action Plan (MCAP), the City is on a path to becoming a climate-ready community. Mesa City Council has approved the first update to the MCAP based on community engagement and feedback, which identified responsible water management, improvements to the air quality and a transition to renewable energy as priorities. As a result, Mesa commits to continue to build a resilient water supply, implement a tree and shade plan, and increase its renewable energy infrastructure.

"Thank you to all our residents, businesses and community stakeholders for participating in the MCAP community engagement process. As Mesa grows, it is important to develop and implement sustainable practices for generations to come," said Mesa Mayor John Giles.

In addition to input from residents, top industry leaders and local small businesses are pledging their support and sharing what they are doing to impact Mesa's climate and sustainability goals.

Earlier this year, Mesa City Council approved a $10M investment for MCAP projects, including:

Community Electric Vehicle Charging Master Plan to better equip Mesa for a future with electric vehicles

Flare to Fuel Project to harvest and treat biogas so it can be used as renewable natural gas

Lighting Projects to replace lights with more efficient LEDs

"Mesa's Climate Action Plan sets ambitious community-focused goals and solutions and provides a pathway to accelerate our historical successes," said Environmental and Sustainability Deputy Director Laura Hyneman. "We are excited to work with the community to positively contribute to global climate action impacts and champion goals that support the Earth, our Mesa community and future prosperity."

The goal of the MCAP is to lower the City of Mesa's climate impact, serve as a guide for sustainable growth and build resiliency by reducing carbon pollution. Mesa will update the plan as new strategies, resources, technologies and collaborations come to light. For more information on the MCAP, please visit www.mesaaz.gov/climateaction. For more information on what the public can do to be a climate-ready community, visit www.mesaaz.gov/sustainability.