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Donate Trees in City Parks and Support Mesa Climate Action Plan

September 20, 2022 at 12:21 pm

Mesa offers easy ways to add more trees and shade in City parks and support our Climate Action Plan to proactively and responsibly protect and conserve Mesa's environment and natural resources.

Mesa's Tree Donation Program allows you to pay for planting and replacing trees in Mesa parks through the Foundation for Mesa Parks and Recreation. Visit, foundationformesaparks.org to learn more. Click on the "Donate" tab and choose the "Tree Program" option from the drop-down list on the PayPal screen. Any amount can make a difference and contributions are tax deductible.

"The Tree Donation Program gives us much-needed shade and enhances the beauty of our parks. Any amount donated will help to add trees and make a difference in supporting Mesa's Climate Action Plan," said Andrea Moore, Mesa Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities Director.

Another way to add more trees is to create a living memorial for a loved one. A donation to the Foundation will be used to purchase and plant a tree in one of Mesa's parks under the following conditions:

Minimum of a 24-inch box tree will be purchased and planted by the Parks maintenance staff at an average cost of $300

Parks maintenance staff will determine where and what type of tree will be planted. Requests for specific locations can be made but park locations are limited, and the cost will increase to $500

No warranty can be provided on the tree

The Parks Foundation liaison will inform the interested party as to the location and type of tree planted, and the Foundation will prepare and deliver a certificate recognizing the donation that was made. No plaques will be allowed to be placed at the tree site

Individuals may contact the Parks Foundation liaison, Haylie Smith, to create a living memorial at 480-644-3498 orfoundationformesaparks@gmail.com.

Mesa's Climate Action Plan was updated in June 2022 to reflect the community's vision. A tree and shade plan scored high among respondents during a series of workshops and surveys to identify City initiatives identified as most beneficial to mitigate the effects of climate change. Trees are "environmental superheroes," providing shade to lower surface and air temperatures. They also clean our air by absorbing carbon dioxide while producing oxygen. They provide habitat for wildlife, save energy when properly placed around buildings to reduce air conditioning needs and desert-adapted trees require less watering.

For additional information about the Mesa Climate Action Plan, visit mesaaz.gov/climateaction.