Mesa Police Department Awarded Six Highway Safety Grants

October 18, 2022 at 11:50 am

The Mesa Police Department's Traffic Unit was formally awarded six Governor's Office of Highway Safety (GOHS)
grants for fiscal year 2023. These grants will help support the Mesa Police Department's mission and commitment to DUI
enforcement and to making Mesa roadways safe. The Mesa Police Department is very thankful to the Governor's Office of
Highway Safety for their continued support to public safety.

The support of GOHS is fundamental in the progress, direction, and advancement of public safety programs throughout the
State of Arizona. To accomplish those goals the GOHS awards grant funding to police departments, fire departments and nonprofit
organizations. Through their grant funding program, the GOHS plays a critical role in creating and maintaining safe
roadways for the public.

Below are the grants the Mesa Police Department received from the GOHS and how the funds are planned to be utilized:

DUI Enforcement Overtime, Materials and Supplies: $83,400.00
Holiday DUI task force events
DUI enforcement related to patrol district projects
Support training and education to combat impaired driving
Portable breath test machines

DUI Enforcement Capital Outlay Equipment: $175,919.00
Forensic testing equipment

Selective Traffic Enforcement Overtime, Materials and Supplies: $60,000.00
Back to School enforcement
Speed enforcement

Occupant Protection Overtime, Materials & Supplies: $20,220.00
Child Safety Seat Education and Enforcement
Child Safety Seats/boosters

Pedestrian & Bicyclist Focus Education & Enforcement Efforts - $35,650.00
Education and enforcement of pedestrian, bicyclist, and driver violations affecting the safety of

Accident Investigation Training: $16,580.00
Collision reconstruction training courses