Mesa Transportation Department Seeks Input from the Community for Transportation Master Plan

April 6, 2023 at 1:43 pm

Mesa, AZ - As Mesa continues to grow and evolve, it's time to review the current transportation system and develop a plan to ensure an efficient, accessible, safe and well-connected network for all users. The Mesa Transportation Master Plan will develop a 25-year vision for the City's multimodal transportation network by considering the needs of people who walk, bike, use a mobility device, use public transportation, drive and deliver goods and services throughout Mesa.

Ultimately, the Transportation Master Plan will develop a prioritized list of transportation needs and policies to drive future funding decisions. A crucial component of this effort is a short survey to understand the community members' transportation challenges and needs.

Questions in the Transportation Master Plan survey include:
o Are there specific areas where you experience issues walking, biking, driving or have safety concerns?
o What is your greatest transportation challenge today?
o What transportation improvements would you like to see in Mesa?

Survey results will inform the formulation of the Mesa Transportation Master Plan, which will help guide the development of our streets, walking and biking facilities, and public transportation system for the next 25 years. Mesa encourages its residents and visitors to complete the brief online survey to help the City better understand current transportation issues and what potential solutions our residents and travelers would like to see. Residents and visitors can complete the online survey at:

The Transportation Master Plan is among several City of Mesa master plans being updated, in addition to the General Plan, which is updated every ten years as mandated by the State of Arizona.

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