Mesa Hydration Donation Campaign Needs More Cases of Water

August 1, 2023 at 10:01 am

- Mesa's Hydration Donation Campaign is falling short as the community demand for bottles of water is at an all-time high. Since the start of the collection on June 5, the lifesaving campaign has received 166,367 bottles of water. That is a decline of nearly 46,000 bottles from the same period last year. Mesa is asking residents to please donate bottles of water or contribute online to help people in need, especially the unsheltered, enduring harsh conditions in a record-breaking summer.

"I'm always amazed to see how Mesa residents and businesses share their generosity through the annual Hydration Donation Campaign, supporting those in need during the hot summer months," said Mayor John Giles. "Donating a case of water or making a modest contribution could be a lifesaver. Even though we're accustomed to higher temperatures, the risks of extreme heat are especially dangerous for the most vulnerable among us. Let's push this campaign over the finish line."

This year's goal is to collect 700,000 bottles of water. There are 20 drop-off locations throughout the City where you can donate water. The list of locations is available at Cash donations are also accepted.

"United Food Bank is grateful for the donations of water and money we have received so far, but we have a long way to go to meet the need in our community. We know there are businesses and residents out there who can still help. Now is the time. We need you right now." said Jason Reed, United Food Bank President and CEO. "Remember, a five-dollar donation or a case of water will save lives."

There have been several large donations from the business community, nonprofit organizations and residents this summer:

Niagara donated more than 40,000 bottles
Eastmark donated close to 20,000 bottles during the community's annual water drive
Benchmark donated approximately 13,000 bottles
Zari Pavri, a resident of Dobson Ranch, donated approximately 13,000 bottles with a matching cash donation from the Dobson Ranch HOA
Via Church donated 7,603 bottles of water
Back on Track Chiropractic donated 5,124 bottles of water
Mesa Rotary donated more than two tons of water

A unique way to donate is through the One Ton Water Challenge. Promoted by the Mesa Chamber of Commerce, United Food Bank and the City of Mesa, it challenges businesses, residents and organizations to buy a pallet of water, weighing more than one ton, for approximately $200. Individuals can split the cost so it's about 100 dollars each. To donate a pallet, contact Mandy Hodges at

The Mesa Hydration Donation Campaign will be collecting water until Friday, Sept. 29.