City of Mesa Launches Job Connect Mesa: A New Online Workforce Development Platform

May 28, 2024 at 11:19 am

The City of Mesa, in collaboration with Pipeline AZ, has introduced Job Connect Mesa (, an online platform designed to revolutionize how employers and job seekers connect. This platform aims to streamline the job search process and provide valuable resources for career exploration and development.

A Comprehensive Solution for Employers and Job Seekers
Job Connect Mesa serves as a centralized hub where local businesses can connect with a diverse pool of talent. It offers employers a simple and efficient way to post job openings, internships, and apprenticeships, allowing them to reach qualified candidates quickly and effectively.

"For employers, the Job Connect Mesa platform is uniquely tailored to the needs of each individual business," said Jaye O'Donnell, City of Mesa Economic Development Director. "We researched our business community's workforce needs, and discovered gaps and identified solutions that would address the needs of Mesa companies. These efforts gave rise to the Job Connect Mesa platform."

For job seekers, Job Connect Mesa provides a user-friendly interface to explore various career pathways based on their interests and skills. Additionally, it offers access to training programs and work-based experiences to help individuals prepare for in-demand jobs in Mesa and beyond.

Bridging Education and Industry
One of the key features of Job Connect Mesa is its integration with Arizona's education system. Through partnerships with K12 and post-secondary institutions, the platform helps bridge the gap between education and industry by connecting students with relevant training opportunities and potential employers.

"Pipeline AZ's collaboration with the City of Mesa represents a strategic workforce solution that actively engages our regional community, addressing their specific job needs, interests and unique circumstances," said Mesa Mayor John Giles. "The key to success of this comprehensive approach is strong employer involvement and community support. Through this platform, business owners have exciting new opportunities to connect with students and job seekers, enhancing existing workforce initiatives and creating vibrant new career pathways."

Getting Started with Job Connect Mesa
Getting started with Job Connect Mesa is easy. Employers can register on the platform, customize their company page, and start posting job opportunities right away. Job seekers can create a profile, explore career pathways, and access resources to help them succeed in their job search.

Join the Job Connect Mesa Community
Whether you're an employer looking to hire talent or a job seeker exploring career options, Job Connect Mesa offers a wealth of resources and opportunities to help employers and job seekers achieve their goals. Visit to learn more and join the Job Connect Mesa community today.

About City of Mesa Office of Economic Development
Mesa's Office of Economic Development (OED) works to enhance Mesa's economy by promoting a culture of quality, supporting the creation of higher wage jobs, promoting direct investment, and increasing prosperity of our residents. OED focuses on four lines of service to accomplish its mission: business attraction, retention, and expansion; entrepreneurship and small business development; redevelopment and revitalization; and workforce development and talent attraction. To learn more, visit

About Pipeline AZ
Pipeline AZ is a statewide nonprofit organization with a powerful platform connecting existing workforce efforts by education, business, and community partners across Arizona. The platform enhances access and awareness to career exploration resources, empowering Arizonans to develop career readiness, guiding Arizonans at any stage in their education and careers, seamlessly guiding them through diverse career pathways, training programs, and job opportunities. With the steadfast support of the community, industry, and government partners, Pipeline AZ is pioneering a transformative movement of a true collective ecosystem. Together, Pipeline AZ and its partners are shaping Arizona's workforce ecosystem where every individual has the tools andresources to thrive, contributing to the economic prosperity and growth of the state for many years to come. To learn more, visit